Friday, November 03, 2006

Street Style Propaganda Part 2: Independence

These are some of the billboards, banners and murals relating to Vietnam's independence from France in 1949 and also the "reunification" of North and South Vietnam in 1976. As can be expected, freedom fighting, soldiers and doves dominate.


michelle said...

It's everywhere!! Baie cool idee Henno. Kan jy dalk van die posters vertaal asb? Wil graag weet wat dit sê..

henno said...

Hey thanks - ja ek's besig om vir mense te vra wat hulle beteken - my Vietnamees is maar limited tot kos en directions! Die eerste foto heel bo sê: Long live the Republic of Vietnam for many years. Sal post as ek hulle almal vertaal het.

Justin said...


So this stuff ia all over the place you say . . . You must feel right at home since Uncle Ho seems so to look like another uncle I know (excuse me rhyming unintended) . . . Uncle HennieO (haha okay that was for real). I think I should go and visit them today to see how the fogies are doing on your behalf.

Sien jou later Ho se kind!

henno said...

Slight resemblance yeah. Even more so is Col. Saunders (of KFC fame). This is one of the few international fast food franchises in Vietnam and the KFC marketers wanted to use the good Colonel's likeness to Uncle Ho for advertising purposes but the Vietnamese thought it would be disrespectful to Ho Chi Minh (to be compared to a chicken farmer) so the idea was scrapped. would have made for some interesting ads though.