Thursday, November 09, 2006

Bad news

This sucks the sweat off a dead camels bollocks. Figuratively. I was about to post the pictures for the last part of the Street Style Propoganda Saga, nonchalantly sticking my memory stick into the USB port of this hell-sent computer, when *tadaa!*, up pops a Norton Antivirus message. Something in the line of:

Hello Henno.
This is not your lucky day.
I know you've been working really hard today but the kind folk here at Symantic have iced the cake for you.
Virus detected.
Quarantine failed.
Known infected files deleted.
Grrr. *click*. Roger out.

So apparently the *known infected files* happened to be everything I've saved on the flash disk since the beginning of last year seeing as I don't have a laptop or PC and have to smuggle around to an I-Net cafe or use the computers at work (as I'm doing now) to get my digital fix. So there goes all my work from last year's BPhil Journalism degree and most of my photos from the last two years. Thank god for Flickr, where I've managed to stash some of the newer ones.

In a way, it feels kind of liberating, not carrying all this excess baggage (the movie namesake, by the way, stars Alicia Silverstone and not Cameron Diaz which is a common misconception, resulting in many a drunken bet and copious amounts of beer flowing my way). It feels kind of crap losing some of the memories and hard work from the last year. It feels kind of sad that I feel the need to post about a piece of electronic equipment that faded on me.

Glass half full? At least I have a memory stick with loads of free space now.


James said...

Ahoy burg. Sorry om te hoor van jou loss. Never trust the machine. Ek dink dis wat zack vir ons probeer sê. Ek weet jyt nou niks mee om te verloor nie, ma kry vir jou 'n flash vi backup purposes. Killa blog. Keep up the good work

Jon Hoff said...

That's hard to stomach man!
Oh well, look on the bright side...the past is just a human illusion created by our concious minds....(frown).
You have a BPhil in Journalism...interesting. I'm applying for an MA in Multimedia Journalism...but could prove tough to get on.
Henno, what's the nature of your work in HCMC?

henno said...

Hey Jameson! Thanks guv, ek dink dis presies wat Zach probeer sê. Sien al julle bergies oor 'n maand of so.

Yeah hard to stomach, Jon. Why could the MA prove hard to get one? Where are you applying?

Yeah did a BPhil last year, now I'm undercover doing an in-depth on the horrid teaching conditions in Saigon(!). Still trying to keep the freelance journo going and looking for fresh opportunities. What about yourself?

mullet said...

unlucky bruvv.

Jon Hoff said...

The MA is at Bournemouth University in the UK, and may prove hard to get on because it has one of the best media schools in the country.
I am also teaching and just poking my wee, gooey head through the eggshell of writing for money. I like it.

henno said...

That's great man, good luck. I'm sure the experience you're picking up in Vietnam will go along way towards securing your place. What have you written since you've been here? Is there any way I can check it out?

Emmie said...

"In a way, it feels kind of liberating, not carrying all this excess baggage"
Let it go...just let it go...
ie - dis OK om nie te positief voel oor so 'n hos gebeurtenis nie scheme ek...ek het ook hierdie jaar 'n flashdisk verloor. Uiters uiters crap, maar ten minste nie met al my foto's op nie, net meeste van my artikels.
oh happens.
en good for you, looking on the bright side and all :-)

gm said...

Eina. Pretty much my grootste nagmerrie. Jy klink baie zen-kalm daaroor. Ek sou uitfreak.

Jon Hoff said...

Hey henno, sure you can check it out, but I literally have one piece published at the moment, with one more coming this week, and then more in the pipeline. The link is under 'My Other Stuff' on my blog. Drop me a line at my email!