Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Moving out of the quagmire that is the backwater

Well I guess the time had come to give in to the pull of technology tugging at the stained sleeve of this blog like a boisterous little child. The digitally and electronically literate of you must have been laughing in your own sleeves at the truly backwater (hence the name) nature of the technology on display here! Better late than never I guess. So those of you who’ve noticed, and those of you haven’t yet but will now, I’ve added a few simple things in the line of links and thingies and I’m bound to add some more soon as soon as I figure out how half of them work.

Firstly, I’ve added a photo roll from my flickr account, so my most recent photos will automatically appear on the sidebar – go check them out if you want – it’s easier than sticking a whole scroll (excuse the pun) of photos on the blog. Secondly, I’ve added a section of links from Vietnam – there are some really nice sites from locals and expats alike so do yourself a favour and check them out. I’m also slowly updating my links from my favourite South African blogs.

There’s also the Technorati link which tells me when my favourite blogs have updated so I can check them out – really convenient. Similarly, I’ve also subscribed to bloglines a few months ago but my lazy ass hasn’t added that link yet, but I will soon. I’ll also add my link (as soon as I figured out what the damn tag rage is all about).

Also, for those who really haven’t been here for a while, there are those cute little maps at the bottom which I’ve explained in a previous post.

Enjoy, and I’ll add the final, epic fourth part of my Street Style Propoganda soon!
Ho hay Democrats - keep 'em coming! First, the House, next the Senate - then the world! Bleh.


mullet said...

Democrats, republicans, it doesn't matter. As long as there are still American politicians running America, it's gonna be a farce.

mullet said...

Just a quick link to let everyone know that it is not only American politicians who have their moments in the mire,

henno said...

Funny article, but it really is like that. We went to sit in on a parliamentary session once last year, and there's all this jibing and joking around going on - it really is a circus - and these people represent the best will of our nation, a wicked thought.

Note the "bleh* concerning the democrats - guess at least Rumsfeld's gone.

mullet said...

Yeah, I guess that is a good thing. Politicians are crazy buggers. I love the way the Dude from the DA asks for and gets the cake when the poor man has been ordered out, classic move!