Friday, November 24, 2006

Kaizer Chiefs in Nam

I just recieved an email from the South African Consulate in Hanoi that the Kazier Chiefs' under 19 football team are playing two games up in the capital. How weird is that?
They're playing Hoa Phat Hanoi u20 today and ACB Hanoi u20 on Sunday. The first game's probably a bit short notice but anyone up in Hanoi who wants to see shibobos (aka nutmegs), tsamayas, sthendes (backheels) and for-damn-sure some African flair and bambaata should head off to the Hang Day Stadium. Match starts at 3 pm.
Holla 7 - show me your numba!
*Update: Sorry guys - I got the dates wrong (the banner is in Vietnamese so excuse the mistake) - it's the 30th November and 3rd of December so check it out if you can!


mullet said...

haha, thats cool, pity you can't go check it out, would make a nice report and shit. Thats not the only big thing to hit Nam recently, or so I hear, did you see Angelina or Brad when they were in HCM City last week, apparently. Whatever, nice one Amakhosi! hope they kick some hanoi ass.

Viet ~ said...

Apparently, Brad Pitt and Jolie were riding a motorbike on the streets of Sai Gon.

Did you run into them by any chance?

henno said...

Yeah I heard about it - my students were all raving about it, said they'd bring me the newspaper on Monday. Apparently they were driving down in the Pham Ngu Lao area or something...maybe in search of some good Vietnamese rum!

Godknows said...

I may try to go there to watch thanks for the info. Who cares about Brat and Ang?

Jon Hoff said...

Brad and Ang? Who cares, I mean really, who cares? Celebrity worship ios unhealthy.
Anyway, henno, cheers for the game on saturday! On the subject of the Kaizer Chiefs, how long have they had that name. Myself and a friend were pondering why they had the same name as the band 'The Kaizer Cheifs', or why the band had the same name as the South African football team, the Kaizer Chiefs. As far as I know the band are not SA.....?

henno said...

KZ Chiefs are as old as the hills - much older than the band (I think they're British). They're South Africa's most successful footy team by far and also the best supported - def worth a watch!

Yeah cheers Jon, nice game and congrats on winning the tournament (got some of your boys at Le Pub afterwards). Doesn't feel that bad knowing we lost to the eventual winners!