Thursday, November 30, 2006

Some pics from the Teacher's Day

Here are some of the "official" photos from the afore-mentioned Teacher's Day two weeks ago, one even sporting a fake Freddy Mercury. There are like 500 to choose from, but my honed whittling down powers have brought them down to four.


viet said...

Hi there,

Nice pix haha!

I should've asked for your permission prior to doing this and I'm sorry for not doing so.

Anyway, I found your photos on Flickr VERY fascinating, esp. about the singage around HCM City. With the photo of the "Aids" poster, I showed it to my professor in our non-profit marketing class and she ended up showing it to the entire class.

Don't worry. None of your personal information was disclosed, not that I know anything about you anyway, haha.

But.. thanks for taking the pix of the signage. It was a great learning experience for our class about non-profit marketing from the other side of the world!

PS: My uni is UBC, located in Vancouver, Canada.

Cheers and thank you! Sorry again for the use of your photos. Obviously, we cited the sources etc. so we didn't *steal* your photos for commercial usage or anything. But yeah I'm really sorry once again.

Anonymous said...

And just to clarify.. I showed the photo of the Aids poster ( to the prof out of conversation. I had no idea it would be shown to the entire class as an example of non-profit advertising (esp. w/ regards to drug use). Sorry aight.

henno said...

No worries mate, I don't mind - glad you got some use from them!

alet said...

My moeder!!! Kyk net hoe uitgevat is julle tweetjies!
Dit lyk stukke beter as die kort dassie wat een van die eerste foto's was! ;)

henno said...

Haha, thanks Alet! Yup, moving up in the world...

Racket Squirrel said...

Wow,Mr.Chris, is that you in the pix? When did you take it?You look so young! I saw you on TV yesterday, you are going to be a star?WOW!!!