Saturday, September 30, 2006

My neighbourhood

I took a walk around my neighbourhood the other day. Don't know why I didn't think about it before, but it was probably because it pretty much rains every single day here - dampens the spirits a bit sometimes.

Emmie - hier's my weergawe van 'n profile - my vriend Nguyen Chi Powder

This is my version of a creepy paparazzi weirdo who hides in the bushes taking pictures of former professional sports stars who've let their mid-riff go a bit...this is down at my local neighbourhood sports club which is actually just two tennis courts and a swimming pool

Finger lickin' good - it doesn't come much fresher than this - plugged, plucked and prepared on the spot.

Hitchin' a ride to school


loesil said...

Dis nogal sad dat jou vriend van klip gemaak is. Hoewel jou housemate se hart en verstand dalk ook van klip aanmekaar gesit is!

alet said...

Is daai goeters in die hok hoenders?!?!?

henno said...

Klik 'n bietjie oppie foto dan raak hy mos groter dan kan jy self sien of dit kalkoene, eende of hoenders is :)