Friday, September 22, 2006

Eye on the weekend

It’s been a tough kickoff to the new football season for teams like Newcastle and Liverpool, not just for the footballers and coaches but for the dedicated fantasy league players as well.

More experienced teams such as The Magpies and Mullets FC have been outplayed (or fantasized?) by upstarts like the Wretched Wilburys, the ilk of which can be considered to have had a lucky break with big risks paying off early.

Although overshadowed, the likes of Henno and Alan are soon to take command of the ever-competitive Hoskop League, especially with things heating up after a bottle of Scotch single-malt whisky as been added to the equation.

With Everton traveling to Newcastle and Tottenham playing away at Anfield, the “real” Premier League will probably take a close second to what’s happening in the fantasy league this weekend.

Here’s what things look like after Gameweek 6:


loesil said...

Agge nee....jou blog voel nou na werk!

alet said...

jip, veral oor die link na die fantasy ding nie werk nie. Niks van die rekenaar stuff by my werk, werk ook ooit nie!

Anonymous said...

Sal die pic link reg maak :)