Friday, September 29, 2006

Le Quy Don

I've been writing a story about Le Quy Don Street here in Ho Chi Minh City and taking some photies too.
A funeral procession (I think the deceased was an university professor) as there were many students and mourners: White symbolises death and tears in Vietnam
The staircase inside a Korean Restaurant

Outside a Vietnamese restuarant Bun Viet

Also outside Bun Viet

Polly wanna a crack pipe


loesil said...

Polly goes porno!

alet said...

Polly HAD a crack pipe!

mullet said...

why does everything look so neat over there? I reckon if I walked around my neighbourhood taking pictures it might look more like kuilsrivier than some shiny, tidy, organised, modern garden.

henno said...

Dude, things aren't all shiny an shit here, believe me, it's just, if I showed you all the rubbish, dirty shacks and people taking dumps next to the road no-one would ever come visit me, would they?

mullet said...

Haha, I'm sure you'd still get a few people coming to visit you, but point taken. Still, i think i will struggle to find anything here "beautiful" enough to put on kodak.