Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Saigon Stylin'

Christoff in the Cu Chi Tunnels (looking like he just saw something from The Grudge)

These guys seriously can transport anything on their "scootays" (as Bo Selektah would say)

Damn quicksand

"Now you listen to us, Phong, those Yankees could strike at any time"

Little did Christoff (or me) know about the three huge spiders just above his ass

A lot of the women here try to cover as much of their bodies as possible from the sun (they want to stay as light as possible)

Casa Saigon: My brother's villa on the Saigon River


This is traditional school uniform (in the background is an ad for the washing powder my brother brand manages).

This place has a huge array of fruit - the spiky pink ones in the back are dragon fruit and taste awesome

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