Saturday, April 29, 2006

High expectations


mullet said...

Haha! nice one, the photo doesnt look anything like you though bru, you should get it reprinted. Hehe

Anonymous said...

Hey head

I remeber that photo - it was taken when u were sixteen. Still in the irie days when u denied you were white and u were hoping to pass matric!

Phat foties! Lyk my die girls is n bietjie skaam om lyf te wys. Must be your tie. Aucamp lyk soos n ou VC in daai tonnels. Did he find the one leading to the USA yet.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Da Jood

P.S. Hijack the huey and I will learn to fly it. Ons kan dan lekker vakansie hou!

And Al Up the Kop!

henno said...

Ja ja, hehe, I actually have the pic with the dude's whole ID number and barcode and everything in but I cropped it just in case he works for the government now and takes offence or something. The funniest thing is his second name: "exampsion" hehehe.