Monday, April 17, 2006


These are the kiddy monks at the Wat Pho in Bangkok
(This is where they started the Camel Experience this weekend)

I don't know what this is, but it moves

Also at the Wat Pho

Some old fortress in the Banglamphu district of Bangkok, close to where we stayed

A contemplating (I think) monk at the Marble Temple in Bangkok

Christoff feeding Dumbo outside our guesthouse

Me, Myburgh (Cabousie) and Christoff at the Lucky Buddha


Little Sudanese kiddies on Jomo Kenyatta Airport, Nairobi

Myburgh crooning at the guesthouse

Christoff scared, cluthing his "transitional object" on Jomo Kenyatta


loesil said...

hi daar, cool pics....gaan dit okay met julle? Dit lyk of Christoff sy ma mis (waar hy die kussing so vasklou). Cope jul dudes nog? Wie is jul nuwe maaikie?


henno said...

Haha, ja, dis hoekom ek daai foto van Christoff opgesit het - die kussing is sy "transitional object". Sal later die Saigon pics plak. Andersins gaan dit goed - lekker kuier in die "build-up" tot die gradeplegtigheid!

mullet said...

Ahoy, nice foties bru, you getting better at that artistic shit hey. Looks like a mighty interesting place. 'Camp is a funny burg...hehe. Loesil has a point, who is your new buddy? You must be careful, he might be some dodgy fuck off the docks. Naah, just kidding, I'm sure you and 'Camp just needed a translator right? Seeing as you cant speak a word of...thai. I think Pasta is somewhere in Thailand at the moment but i dont think even he knows where. Just a little something for you Head, check it out if you have time:

Latah, Alan

henno said...

Yeah thanks dude, I checked out that Geordie site - pretty funny stuff - I watched Sky Spoirts on Saturday morning (well actually Saturday afternoon here - we're like 6 hours ahead of you) but diodn't catch the crossbar challenge, sorry. Nice one in the FA Cup though, facing the Hammers should be no problem - crappy F1 though, damn Schumi.