Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Saigon Stylin' 2

Ho Chi Minh City at dusk from the 23rd floor of the Sheraton Hotel

The same city, from the same floor of the same hotel, juts a little later.

On the night Lucille (my brother's girlfriend) left for England we went for cocktails at 23rd Level - on the 23rd floor of the Sheraton Hotel.

Sunset on the highway

The first day of work! Excuse the badly tied (and zef) tie

You can get this stuff everywhere, snakes in jugs, scorpions in cans, beetles in bottles, one snake biting another one's head off that was chowing a scorpion eating a snake eating a beetle - you get the message

This little piggy went to the market...the other five stayed home, took some acid and turned into rainbow vienna sausages

Jewet, this one's for you - an original gansta Huey

He wishes

Lady making a straw hammock


loesil said...

HENNO! Laat Christoff asb tog net in die vervolg jou dasse knoop...die ding eindig dan drie duim bo jou middel! Ag nee, jou trash-kind!

henno said...

Ai, Vietnam is nou nie eintlik "the height of fashion" nie, soos jy dalk al agtergekom het van die foto van die chick met die "toon-sokkies", so moenie worry nie!

mullet said...

Loesil, dit sal nie help om vir Henno te se sy das is nie reg nie, ek het hom nog nooit in my lewe gesien met n das wat hy eintlik die regte lengte gemaak het nie. hehe. YOu look so spiffy bru, you and camp both. Respect to your brother for getting such a killer house, looks like you all styling it out on the Saigon side. When you have to get your own place you should try organise something similar, maybe i'll come visit.

henno said...

Thanks yeah, I'm not the biggest tie-man in the world, actually I hate the useless little suckers. I'll try and wax a Casa dela Saigon for when you come visit. That place we're staying at is actually owned by the ex-prime minister of the country, but then again, the government owns mostly everythings so...