Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Television has proved that people will look at anything rather than each other - Ann Landers

I guess an update is in order, but as with most things when people don’t have anything to say they say too much and not really in the general direction of any cognitive outcome but let’s try.

Let’s start with the bane of the technology era - Television. Seeing as I STILL don’t have a computer at home, I have to demean myself to watching reality shows on Star World at night – during which time I became an avid follower of Rockstar Supernova. For those not familiar with the show – here’s the run-down. Three nearing-over-the-hill-but-not-quite-there-because-they-ran out-of-breathe rockers are looking for a new front-man or women for their band Supernova. The ONLY reason why this show held appeal to me was that one Jason “I have a huge neck toned from years of headbanging” Newsted of Metallica fame was one of the members of the band. The others are the effervescent Tommy “The Tommy Hawk” Lee of Pamela and Mötley Crüe fame and Gilby Clark from the classic 80s outfit Guns ‘n Roses.

Anyways, so I was glued to the screen for a few weeks, watching them whittle away at the contestants, dropping, in my humble opinion, three guys who would have been kickass frontmen (Ryan, Magnus and Toby) as well as a hard-rocking South-African born Dilana to choose instead a little Canadian hobbit called Lukas Rossi. It totally went against what the three pioneers of the metal music scene should have stood for and just pissed me off that they could pick this lip-gloss-wearing, peroxide-streak-toting little man with the on-stage antics of a Las Vegas diva meets Evita Bezuidenhout to lead them on a world tour. But hell, who am I to judge. I think Supernova only held the show to buff up their pension and after their world tour are fated to break-up due to “irreconcilable musical differences” (in other words, Lukas kept stealing Tommy Lee’s mascara and would puke on himself in the first hour of the post-performance afterparty” – hugely embarrassing to all and damaging the egos of the other three).

So now that Supernova’s finished, it’s back to the Vietnam specialties: 10 000 dong (R4) bad quality dvds, when, while watching, there’s a two in seven chance you’ll see the silhouette of someone standing up in front of the video camera that’s illegally recording the movie in the cinema to go to the toilet. At least the older movies have been remastered in a sense and the series’ aren’t band. Thus, in the last few weeks when I return from work I’ve watched a host of classics as diverse in genre as one can imagine (Last week I watched Predator and Trainspotting and part of the Fawlty Towers series). Right now I’m watching Over There about the Iraq invasion – pretty stereotyped, not portraying any comment about the war and gruesome in parts but not bad at all.

On tomorrow’s menu: Books, magazines and newspapers.


loesil said...

Ha-ha...snaaks hoe 'n mens jou aan mindless nonsens vergryp as jy alleen in 'n stad is, ne? Ek is byvoorbeeld deesdae 'n slaafse navolger van Medical Investigation en een of ander program oor die eerste Amerikaanse vroue-president.

henno said...

Ja, nee. Maar my "television habits" is meestal te danke aan Christoff se invloed: Dus, ook heeltemal te veel National Geographic en Animal Planet - jy kan my meer niks vertel oor 'n haai of 'n meerkat nie!

loesil said...

Het hulle al op Animal Planet 'n dokumentêr oor die Christoffictus Aucapius gewys? Jy kan dit dalk leersaam vind?!

alet said...

Ja-nee 'n paar tips oor daai troeteldier van jou kan net handig te pas kom.

In elk geval wat is dit met al daai mense in Amerikaanse flieks wat in die middel van spannendste toneel moet toilet toe gaan!?!?!?!?
Ek is seker hul blase is piekant teenoor die gemiddelde Suid-Afrikaner s'n.

henno said...

Piekant is 'n mooi woord om iemand se blaas te beskryf! Haha. Ja, nee daai blêddie Yanks - soos ons altyd sê: Hulle het seker infant bladders :P