Friday, September 01, 2006

Gone Fishin'

The 2nd of September holiday (National Day or Independence Day depending on where in VN you're from) is coming so Christoff and I are heading off to sunny Mui Ne for the long weekend.

Mui Ne is about four hours drive from HCM City, on a dodgy bus at night, therefore it's bound to be interesting! Through the year it's a quiet seaside community with a long, white beach and red sand dunes, but in the holiday time it comes to life with an influx of tourists and locals looking for some fun in the sun. Luckily, we're staying at a hotel a few kilometers outside the town so it should be more relaxed and laidback - exactly what we're looking for.

So look forward to an interesting post when we return on Monday with lots of cocktail-sippin', palm tree-lamming, beach-bummin', coconut-cruisin', hammock-lazin', sunlight-soakin' photos!

Mui Ne at its finest


Trieu Huy said...

oa!!!!you're so luckily,but choosing a day for relax like our independent day isn't the best.Many people will have the thinking like you,so the beach will be very crowded.Anyway,I hope you will have a nice holiday,not like me-do the essay,oh man!!!!!!! >__<

loesil said...

Enjoy! Ek werk nagkantoor - is dus groen oor jul naweek.

Hoop vir jou part Xtoff hou heel naweek al sy klere aan (hy kry mos die neiging om in sy tighty-whities rond te hardloop sodra hy by die see kom).

O ja, jou nefie was gisteraand op EGOLI!

Is dit een van jou studente wat hierbo ge-comment het?

Caz said...

Ya, stem saam met Loesil... ek het anner dag deur die Arniston fotos gekyk en dit was so bietjie vreeslik erg

alet said...

oulike eerste boodskappie lyk my jy's 'n gewilde english teacher!
[Jou gewildheid mag egter dalk net taan as jy aanhou met al die essay-huiswerk...die arme bloedjies.]

henno said...

Haha, ja die dude was in my laaste klas en lyk my hy hou nogals van my - hy't my blog ontblok toe die servers dit geblok het omdat dit dalk "porn of anti-government propoganda" was - Mui Ne wassie shit - ek sal julle more update - moet nou eers weer na die tawwe realiteit van klas gee terugkeer!

mullet said...

Hey bru, looks like a killer place to go for the weekend, sea, sun, booze, food, all you need. Dont think its cool that you give your students loads of work to do and then head off to an exotic location to laugh about it... Sounds like you are becoming a teacher... I have very sad news to report though, Steve, the crocodile hunter is dead! For real this time, saw it on cnn and everything. I can't believe it. Its a dark day for all.

Mr T (mullet) said...

Until further notice BA has halted all flights from the UK.

BA announced "I ain't getting on no goddam plane, you crazy fool". In a prepared statement to the press BA went on to express "pity" for stranded passengers, but urged all customers seeking refunds to "quit their jibba-jabba".

henno said...

Yeah, that's sad - I saw it last night, he got stung by some mean-ass stingray on the Great Barrier Reef - made a hole in his heart. Well, I guess that's probably how he would have wanted to go, but he'll stay a legend forever.