Tuesday, April 07, 2009

April Photoblog

Here are some photos of the kids at the orphanage where my fiesty French friend Manon (pictured below) used to work. I went with one day to play with them and they really did touch my heart with their willingness to trust and just their general cuteness. I can't remember the orphanage's name, but it's in Tan Binh District just off Le Van Sy Street.


Miss T said...

I am LOVING your pics. It is just so beautiful and vibrant.

henno said...

Glad you like them, I'm going to try and post some every day until the end of April :)

Tom Tuduc said...

Interesting pictures with beautiful compositions and colors. Great writing for the travel curious. Love it. Would love to hear some conversation with the locals and videos. - Tom from Sacramento, CA