Friday, April 03, 2009

April Photoblog

I'll make use of this weekend to post three photos of one of my favourite places in Vietnam: Mui Ne. I've posted about this jewel of the south a few times over the years. Check it out here, here and over there. Sadly it's becoming overrun by mulleted or brushcut Russian tourists wearing socks an' sandals, big-name resorts with big name prices, and multistoreyed apartments on the beachfront spoiling the view. I guess that's what happens when you're a country developing at warp-speed with nothing but the bottom line in mind. I still have a real soft spot for the place and I'd advise anyone visiting to spend at least a long weekend here, lying on the beach with a good book, watching the afternoon amble by, sipping on a looong cocktail, watching the kite-surfers and, well, not really doing much else (except the difficult mental exercise of figuring out which awesome seafood barbecue joint to feast at for dinner).

This is how we roll...or choose not to move...for most of the Mui Ne

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