Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Visual visit tree

This is pretty neat. James Spahr, a designer on Information Aesthetics, created this diagram, visually depicting "how online users travel through a specific website. All traffic moves clockwise around the map, enters at the bottom of the page & exits at the top of the page. Thicker lines mean more traffic, while the color of traffic leaving a page matches the color of the section it is going to & vice versa."

[link: Eyebeam Reblog via designweenie.comvia]

I guess it's a bit more difficult for blogs, being single page entries (mostly), but wouldn't it be interesting to have a visual description of your site? You would probably also need a fair amount of traffic to generate a reasonable image. So, on the contrary, my blog's "visual tree" would probably look like so:


Susan said...

oh man, your "visual tree" is rad! it puts james spahr's to shame.

Anonymous said...

Hi Henno & Stoffels - c'mon dudes you can't comeback to Mzantsi without having sampled some of that fine yellowy-brown asses from Saigon.
I have been quietly reading the blogs but nothing earth shattering to write home about is revealed.
Phela, uNatalie wouldn't know. So when u beautiful young lad coming back for the liver transplants.
The way you've been going you make me look like such a wimp wanker.
Mnr Kotze tell me when you land in Jozi, might make time to come a see you napalm poisoned ass.
Much love

henno said...

Thanks Susan - my sentiments exactly!

Mr Msimilelo Njwabane: Those have to be the most politically-incorrect statements I've ever seen in one comment (I'm with you on the liver-transplant though) - and that coming from a damn City Press journalist! When you moving over to Landbou Weekblad where you belong? We're landing in Jozi Sunday morning if you wanna pop by the airport - just show them your "press accreditation" and say you're meeting Vietnamese superstars Lam Truong and Elvis Phuong!

mullet said...

Haha! What a classic! That was without doubt the funniest fucking post I have seen on this blog. Msim, you legend. Silent bob-like impact, Haha!

henno said...

You two are horrible, if I didn't know you and know that you were joking I'd delete both your damn comments. Shiat.