Friday, December 08, 2006

Last day of work

I’m sitting here at school, about to go teach my last class for a little over a month. It’s an ambivalent feeling. No, that’s crap. It feels awesome going home. I’m gonna miss this place, but I’d miss it more if I weren’t coming back in four weeks. I could go off on some long-winded, adjective- and emotion-filled doughnut of a rant of what a great experience these last 9 months have been etc, but I’ll spare us all some tears and yawns. It was good. Punt (punt in Afrikaans means “Full stop – as in the punctuation mark – but carries more weight, probably because it’s shorter).

I thought I’d share this: As I’m writing this post, my mom just text messaged me. I thought, great, she gonna tell me how she can’t wait for me to come home; “Nog net twee slapies my diertjie” or something in that line. No, instead: “Are you allowed to wear pink shirts to work?” A bit arb, but funny.

Anyways, tomorrow evening this time I’ll be somewhere over the Indian Ocean, scratching my uncomfortable ass in my severely limited leg-room, wondering why the hell I decided to fly with Kenya Airways via godforsaken Nairobi..Oh yes, because it was damn cheap!

I’ll post again as soon as I’ve figured out what this “reverse-culture shock” phenomenon is all about…


Emmie said...

I would have loved to tell you all about it...(die reverse culture shock) maar ek is oppad Buffelsbaai toe (assignment vir Weg, jippie). Maar sal lekker wees jou te check sumtime. Hêpi flying!

ngvivo said...

Hi Henno,

Have a safe trip home. Looking forward to reading your experience on "reverse-culture shock". :)

Just to let you know that I've been reading your blog religiously the last few days. Thanks for the comic relief, champ.

Susan said...

so are you allowed to wear pink shirts to work?

henno said...

My mother will be glad to know that I am officialy allowed to wear pink shirts to work.