Wednesday, December 06, 2006


What's that? The number of people who have succumb to Typhoon Durian? The temperature in Saigon today? The number of Honda Dreams that I had to dodge on my way to District 4? The number of pimples on my ass? Nope, it's how well I know world countries. My score is 55, which is three better than noodlepie's, but couldn've been nearer to 100 (!) if I had better "mouse-control" and hand-eye coordination. Give it a try and post your score!


layered said...

59 for me.
Sorry we missed you at HCMC blog summit last week. Nothing happened worth blogging about, though.

Linka said...

Yeah, I'm with you with "if I had better 'mouse-control'". My score was only 50. Going to try again now... Second try 58.

henno said...

Okay, if you get a higher score than me, don't post it - I'm starting to feel quite insecure in my geographical knowledge! And no second attempts allowed!

Layered - pity, good idea though. I'm going home for Christmas on Saturday but hopefully I'll join you for the January Blog Summit!

Brian said...

Blog summit.

I suppose I should get in on teh networking eh?