Thursday, February 19, 2009

6- word stories

A couple of year ago (has it really been that long?!) I posted about some famous sci-fi and fantasy novelists writing 6-word stories ala Ernest Hemingway’s famous 6-word story. A couple of weeks ago, a Swedish friend Henrik and I decided to try our hand at it again (at four in the morning). Here are some of the results. Once again, I’d love if you were to add some of your own – last time there were some rubies in the dust.

Vacancy: World leader. No qualifications required.

Capitalist seeks happiness. Will sell wife.

Angry axe needed. Heads will roll.

Seeking choir boy. Good voice unnecessary.

Party in jungle. Shrunk my head.

Indian binge. Curry will return…Viciously.

Door would not open. Tried windoooooooow…

He tortured her thoroughly. Good wage.

Shapeshifter seeks mate. Come as yourself.

Son of god seeks gullible partner.


Tamara said...

These are great ;-)

My six words are not enough.

henno said...

haha nice!

Anonymous said...

How about a literature class homework... Write an essay that contains religion, sex and mystery, in 10 words:

Oh my God! I'm pregnant. I wonder who did it?

henno said...

Haha, that's fantastic, I'll have to think a bit and get back to you!

henno said...

I shagged Sherlocke Holmes, and God was he good.