Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Employ me.

Jobs, you gotta hate them – it’s in the contract. Show me someone who truly loves his job and I’ll show you a madman, an idiot or the luckiest summumabitch alive. The only thing that sucks more than your job is losing it. And that’s sorta what happened to me. Well, not really, because it wasn’t really my full-time (well as full time as the teaching industry be) job, it was in my field of interest I wish to possibly pursue as a career, but it wasn’t the one bringing in the Benjamins, or I guess what we in Vietnam call the Ho’s. Yet, even though it was my sideline “keeping my CV up-to-date” kinda job, it still sucked when I got this email from, first the editor giving me the heads up that she’s moving over to a rival magazine, and then the disastrous, email from the boss over in New Zealand citing various business schmizness terms like “economic downturn” etc as the cause for the sudden fall of the magazine. At least, the guidebook some of us VN bloggers having been sweating on has finally arrived. Anyways, anyone got a job where you get paid per word for transferring nonsensical thoughts into nonsense words?


Mai said...

East West, The Word and AsiaLife all seem to be hiring.

henno said...

Thank for the heads up Mai - will you be my agent? I'll give you two cents of the six cents a word I'll be earning...think about it...every 100 words is a beer.

Anonymous said...

Thanh Nien Daily also needs subeditors.

loesil said...

ahooi, jy seker daai NZ-company behoort nie dalk aan M24 nie? Hier sirkuleer ook deesdae sulke "economic downturn"-mails rond....die dat ek nou maar ander planne maak vir volgende jaar! Hahahaha! Skuld jou 'n mail, sal dit later aanmekaarslaan. Mis jou ook!

Alet said...

Haai hennoq!! Lyk my jy kom amper soveel op jou blog as wat ek hier kom!
Jy moet net vir Mai duidelik maak dat daai bier mense soms selfs nie eens binne 'n jaar bereik nie...ek en Loesil wag mos nou nog vir daai krat wat laas op die vliegtuig moes wees!! ;)

Hoop als goed daai kan?

henno said...

Ja, als nog goed hier :) Daai bier is oppad btw, just you wait and see, anders het die flight controllers van Vietnam Airlines al die black labels (of was dit nou amstels?!) self opgedrink!

alet said...

sjoe, ek sal nou nie my kop op 'n blok sit nie, jy weet dit is al so lank terug, maar as dit vir my was, was dit seker Amstel Jenny from the block...maar wetie waar jy dit in Nam sou kry nie...mmm...klink vir my na 'n wolhaarstorie?

Tamara said...

So strange seeing Afrikaans on a blog at Vietnam ;-)

I'm in one of those jobs you mentioned. You want it?

Debra said...

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