Wednesday, May 03, 2006

A day in the city (2)

More Engrish! Obviously we just had to try some Fanny ice-cream
And the result: My Fanny Blue Lagoon!

The woman-who-lights-the-incense’s reflection in a mirror

On the roof of the temple – contrasting old and new

A small shrine inside the temple grounds

Inside the Hindu Temple in Thon Tan Thiep Street – this is one of the smaller, less-touristy temples and when we visited there was hardly no-one else which was a bit eerie

A sculpture on the plain with the City Hall in the background and a big painting of “the man” (his picture is everywhere in HCMC - on billboards, posters, graffiti, houses – everywhere)

One of million billboards and posters advertising the anniversary of the liberation of Vietnam on the 30 April (which is cool because Liberation Day’s obviously a public holiday and the next day is Labour Day: what does that mean? Long weekend!)

Not only do the locals just park off anywhere, they can also carry pretty much anything below 3 tons (or more depending on their bike’s cc) on their “scoo-tays” – this was just one of three blocks this guy was transporting. For those interested in this, check out renowned photographer Hans Kemp’s Bikes of Burden which is a photojournal on the crazy things these guys carry

I just love the way this businesswoman sits on the bike – so majestic, so refined…


Anonymous said...

Jou foto's is amazing -veral daardie bloue van die vrou wat die incense aan die brand steek. Jou ma.

henno said...

Weereens dankie Ma. Jy moet pasop - jy gaan Loesil en Alan se status as my nommer 1 fans steel! :P