Saturday, May 13, 2006

Chew on this

Ok, I thought I just to share this with you: Right after the previous post I just went across the road from one of the schools that I work at to grab a munchie. There’s this fast food branch called Lotteria here and they have good burgers.

Today they had this special: Burger Ga (chicken burger) and a Pepsi for 15 000 vnd ($1). So I had it and afterwards I thought: “Mmm, a delicious soft serve ice-cream would round off that tasty burger and smooth beverage just perfectly.” So I proceeded to buy one, which was only 2 500 vnd (R1). I gave the counter-lady two 2 000 vnd notes and she gives me a 1000 note for change (Christoff and I have discussed the pros and cons of having currency of such low value in notes and are yet to find any pros).

Ok anyways that’s besides the point, so the lady is looking for a 500 vnd ($0.03) coin in the till, can’t find one, and gives me a stick of chewing gum – but not just any gum - Lotteria-branded chewing gum. It seems this sorta thing happens quite often. If only other countries would catch one we could all head back to the ‘ol 15 chickens for a sheep barter economy. Oh well, thought I’d share - good gum btw.

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Loesil said...

Besluit of jy in $ of R wil werk...die syfer-deel van my brein kan nie so vinnig omskakel!