Monday, April 20, 2009


Well it seems my fears of retaliation for my post last week were not totally unfounded. While I wasn't deported, my service provider has managed to block me from Blogger. I woke up on Saturday without even being able to turn on my computer (which is probably totally unrelated, but you never know). It was literally like "the light's on, but there's no-one home" and after dozens of attempts to kickstart the thing into gear and just staring at a blank screen I finally got it going. Of course, as any decent blogger should, I immediately got to work on continuing the April Photoblog, but Blogger is blocked like a colon after an all-you-can-eat pork rib fest.

Through, the free proxy that let's you surf through their address and bypass any blocked sites, or some technical nonsense of that sort, I managed to get on, but I can only view blogs, not comment or post anything.

This has sort of nipped the daily photoblog for April in the proverbial butt, and any chance of posting or leaving comments so I apologize. At least now you get an idea of what "its" like here.

I hope I can get this sorted, otherwise look forward to some really sporadic posts from dingy Internet cafés!


SaigonNezumi (Kevin) said...

Hey Henno:

I can access your blog fine with FPT. No problems at all.

Occasionally there are packet filter routing issues in Vietnam. Okay, all the time but I do not think it is related. Check the Blogger updates to see if there was an outage.

henno said...

Packet filters? I smoke lights. Maybe it'll fix itself automatically or so I hope. Weird, I'm still convinced it's a conspiracy!