Monday, April 13, 2009

April Photoblog (apologies)

I sincerely apologise to my loyal following (of three, consisting of my two alter egos and my girlfriend who occasionally visits my blog out of ego-pity) for the lack of weekend posts but the damn internet was out all weekend, thanks eMedia and SCTV. I knew the "free cable" you threw in with the ADSL was too good to be true. There seems to be a strong correlation between connectivity and the volume of rain falling from the sky, which has well and truly become a daily occurrence again.

Here are some pics from Hanoi to make up for the short break from the April photoblog.


Miss T said...

I'm also a loyal reader!

henno said...

Woohoo, seeing as you're not an alter-ego the grand total has dramatically increased by 25%! :)

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