Friday, March 23, 2007

Updated Links

I’ve updated my links as some of the bloggers have gone on sabbatical, so I’ve removed some, and new ones have popped up that need to be recognised. Ya know.

New additions include:

In/From South Africa:

Teacher Chris: My housemate here in Saigon. Whenever you don’t believe something I say, you can be sure Christoff will agree with you so check out his new blog.

Einde September: Adam in Pretoria blogs in Afrikaans about everything from religion to dying his hair. Bloute’s been around for a while, don’t know why I haven’t linked him earlier. Also Afrikaans and from Stellenbosch, my home town. This is a new site I discovered recently. I’ve only been checking it out for a while but it looks really interesting.

Die Pienk Zuit: Finally there is as big a sports fan as myself out there. Die Pienk Zuit’s take on things is really refreshing, for those of you who are Afrikaans-proficient.

Just Up the Dose: Karen Little MD. Medical/Life blog. Grey’s Anatomy can’t touch this. Journo Nick in Joburg blogs about the media and techy things.

In/from Vietnam:

Meet me in Saigon: Annie’s blog about her life in Saigon.

azngamerboi: In his own words: “Rising above the phantasm of a geek.”

Snow Tweety: This chick just seems to be missioning around South-East Asia all the time, what a life!

I’ve also added the awesome Global Voices Online in the News section.

Peruse and enjoy!


snowtweety said...

missioning? What do you mean by that?

henno said...

missioning = travelling. Don't worry, it's a good thing and I'm very jealous!

loesil said...

pasop wat jy van ander dagvaar jou nou vir laster!

Nic said...

Hi hi, Thanks so much for adding me to your blogroll, I will be doing the same on my blog for your links!! :)



henno said...

no worries ;)