Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The things I have to put up with every day

A Zapiro in the making

One of the students in a "Young Leaders" (teenage) class I was substitute teacher for took the onus upon himself to draw a caricature (def. noun. "A representation, especially pictorial or literary, in which the subject's distinctive features or peculiarities are deliberately exaggerated to produce a comic or grotesque effect") of me in all my teaching glory. It's debatable whether this is a fair reflection, but the boy has undeniable talent and a fine eye for detail (note the backpack, baggy pants, two-day stubble and authoritative tone of voice).


Anonymous said...

Hi Teacher Henno, Nice picture, tell your student I printed it out for you father's study. Lena says you look so serious and I said but it is serious stuff. Lena says the girls will find it hard to concentrate but I say you do not mix work and pleasure! Tell them about these crazy old birds at home who are your biggest fans. Love Ria and Lena

mullet said...

Haha! The dude even got your really tiny tie right! Looks exactly like the fotie of you standing next to camp!

loesil said...

Ek weet nie wat die dierbaarste is nie: die prentjie of Lena wat jou blog!
Moet se dit is 'n baie akkurate skets - as jy nog lyk soos toe ek jou laas gesien het!
Het gedink jy sou vir die leerdertjies gesĂȘ het om net alles te chuck, maar helaas! Uit die spotprent lyk dit asof jy nogal kwaai is!Hie, sal wat wil gee om in een van jou klasse te wees!
Asseblief....wat het jy met Christoff gemaak?

alet said...

...en kyk die akkurate mondjie!

Justin said...

Yeah ... Hand in the pocket, back hunched over, Funny chin dimple thingy. Pretty spot on and quite the fine artiste! All we need now is a picture from the back of the assless wonder. HeHe!

Hed we got to love ya.

henno said...

Hey jew don't joke about that kinda stuff - that problem is genetic and my mom might just come kick your ass!