Thursday, May 18, 2006


With the sports seasons drawing to a close, coming to an end, the curtain coming down on them, being past their crescendo etc etc - my fantasy season is choking on mediocrity and dying a miserable death:
Firstly, the Champions League standings are dismally disproportioned as I didn't set my team for the semis and finals and thus it is unfair to judge my performance on these standings (ahem).

The PGA Tour Fantasy League is the one on which I pin my hopes for a top 3 placing. It's about halfway through the season and I'm in second place (with a few Majors still to be played). I also have a kickass team with Ernie and Rory Sabbatini being my weekly stalwarts.

This table also provides a misconstrued conception of my performance as I joined this league 3 games into the season, so I guess 9th place is not too shabby.

I just plain suck in this league. I'm 4th but there's only 7 guys playing - and come on - look who's above me: JDawg (huh? wizzit?) Banana Boy (don't wanna to know) and a certain Mr Cool (probably an 80s amateur wrestling alias).

Oh and finally! I got an email from my European Tour golf fantasy league which I'm playing in (and actually totally forgot about after I picked my players) sponsored by The Scotsman newspaper: It said that my team was in the top 10 of the competition and my name will appear in the Scotsman on Sunday paper. Just a pity I won't get to see it (Nat get me a copy please!). Okay, enough bragging and loathing for one day.


Justin said...

Hed stick to writing and the journalism thing. Gambling is not for us . . . remember the last time we decided to go gambling. Yes . . . it was not pretty.

Good on the golf though - seeing that you worked for a golfing company. Who of us actually knows who write up the scores every week? A journalist. And you are a journalist (was)whatever. A bit of a conspiracy going on here methinks?

anyway check ya!

henno said...

Ja ja, whatever. I was the only one that made money the last time we went gambling. Manie played devil's advocate and made you lose all your money - now that was funny. I think i'm gonna start a league for the World Cup and we can all join and we'll see who is THE REAL fan because as far as I know none of us have ever worked at a footy company (i wish). Mail you soon.

mullet said...

Haha! Heddings bru, stop bitching about being kak at fantasy leagues! Haha! Excuses left and right, wahwahwah this and warrawarra that. I think with the amount of fantasy league you have joined you should have at least waxed one. I wish you all the luck in the world for the World Cup fantasy league. But im gonna kick your ass! In other news, I had a killer weekend down in London, Loads of kuiering and I even managed to set myself on fire! Absinthe...tsktsktsk, Ai Eric. Latah burg

mullet said...

As an added note, I would like everyone who is actually even remotely interested in this fantasy post of Henno's to take a closer look at the Uefa Champions Fantasy League picture and observe the team that is at the top of that list. I thank you very much. Hehe.