Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Otto von Toon

Whilst browsing hesitantly through my morning dose of Magpie News (news about Newcastle United Football Club, for those lesser mortals who don’t know what I’m referring to) – hesitantly because I don’t know how many times I’ve clicked on the link only to find out Michael Owen has suffered another setback in his injury recovery blablabla – I found this link.

As you may or may not know, Newcastle are manager-less after sacking misfiring Scot Graeme Souness after a run of injury-induced losses. One can argue whether Souness was totally at fault or just shit-out-of-luck, but the point still stands that the Magpies are a team with such potential there is no way they should be languishing in mid-table, having to settle for a looming season without European football. They are currently under the caretaker management of Glenn Roeder (the same gaffer who lent a helping hand in West Ham’s freefall out of the top flight) who has expressed that he has no interest in taking up the position permanently.

Obviously, with panache only the British media can exude, there have been rumours flying about surrounding Souness’ successor, with ex-Celtic man Martin O’Neill and Birmingham’s Steve Bruce being frontrunners. Well a section of the Toon Army (the nickname for Magpie supporters, for those same lesser mortals) have set up a petition website “Hitzfeld for the Toon” calling for the German mastermind Otto Hitzfeld to be the new coach.
His CV says it all: He led an ailing Borussia Dortmund to successful Bundesliga titles in the late 90s, followed it up with four more at Bayern Munich and has numerous cups won at a number of teams (including two Champions League titles) behind his name

Being a faithful and fanatical Magpie supporter for a number of years, I can see the logic in trying to tempt Chairman Freddy Shepherd and the boys to lure the enigmatic German to Newcastle. With thousands of fans having already signed the petition, it remains to be seen whether the management really have the passionate Toon Army nearest at heart or whether, as seems to be the case in the Barclays Premiership these days (hello Roman’s Chelski), big money talks while one manager after another walks.

Uncle Toon wants YOU.


Mullet said...

Haha, Otto von Toon, I think its quite funny that you have one post made a million years ago, and then all of a if there was nothing better to do for the first time in months...a whole bunch of them! Including one very insightful piece about Otto. I havent actually read it yet but I had to get the ball rolling on Backwater Views, again. Wheres my prize for being the first person to comment on your site? Hehe

Mullet said...

Just read it. Very interesting writing. Just found some better writing though, sorry guv. Here it is:
Some Newcastle fans have been trying to get Ottmar Hitzfeld appointed as their new manager, but others have set their sights on more attractive (well, not all more attractive) candidates. One website set up a poll for fans with Jennifer Ellison, Kelly Brook, Sharon Stone, Helen Chamberlain, Jordan, Jenna Jameson, Karren Brady, Vanessa Feltz and Bree van de Kamp (from Desperate Housewives) all up for replacing Graeme Souness on a permanent basis. Ellison won, presumably because of the fine managerial assets she would bring to the job. Thats just shows how much respect the Toons have afforded poor old Souness.

henno said...

Ja ja, I also saw that post, pretty funny, I wouldn't mind having all dem ladies on my "managerial staff", with one being the (witness the) fitness trainer, the other being the sauna instructor etc. I'll mail you're prize Al: How does an eighth of South African Majat from Busies sound? Or maybe a Black Label Cort?Might cost a bit more to post tho...