Thursday, March 19, 2009

One of those things that make your day...

I was checking out Sticky Rice, one of my favourite blogs by far, when I found this little beaut in the comments. So maybe I enjoy toilet humour, like a good fart, and have the mentality of a five-year old, but stupid things like this give me a chuckle and make my day. Let me be.

Who calls themselves "male penis"? Isn't that a bit of tautology? Male. Penis. What, as opposed to a female penis? That's like calling yourself "Doos Steve Hofmeyer", or "Idiot Bush" - no need for the repetition. I mean, I understand if it was a spam ad, or a comment on a porn site or something, but this is a serious, albeit grammatically uncouth, comment about blogging on a post about a bloody omelette. I love it. Sorry about that.

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