Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Weekly Randomness

Seeing as I've decided to entertain, well, probably nobody but myself and start blogging again, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce a weekly pic or two that I've snapped with my trusty, rusty Samsung mobile phone - don't ask me what brand it is: it's an E-something. Just a little taste of everyday life here in the big Ho Chi.

Please respect the effort made to bring you these Pulitzer-winning beauts as they were often taken at the greatest risk of bodily harm. In other words, I was driving my motorbike with one hand and trying to focus, zoom, hold still and snap some absurd scene with my other hand, mostly at speeds between 10 and 25 kms an hour.

These wonderful mobile photos will continue to be presented weekly until I drop my phone or myself from my motorbike for the last time. Either way, enjoy them while they last!

Tunnel Vision: Behold the xich lo (cyclo) driver delivering rolled-up sheets of randomness


Anonymous said...

HI Henno! EXCELLENT mobile phone pic - brings back such memories of Vietnam and Taiwan (where they are AS bad!) can't wait to see more. Don't fall off you bike for heaven's sake!
cheers, Leanne

henno said...

Heya Leanne, nice hearing from you! Thanks, wow I can't imagine anywhere can be as bad as here (in terms of transporting large quantities of miscellaneous goods at the same time)! Keep well :)

Anonymous said...

Awe Burg,
Bly om te sien jys terug in aksie. Jy moet nou seka al 'n mean poegie gangsta wees met sulke drive by shootings.


henno said...

Haha awe brother - my drive-by's laat Tupac soos 'n wigga lyk.