Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Just a quick word in to break, to borrow the overused term, the hiatus (gotcha Brian!). Things have been progressing steadily. We moved into our new place this weekend and everything went pretty smoothly. The next issue is getting the internet and cable hooked-up, thus the photos of Cambodia, which should have been up nearly a month ago, will have to wait a few more weeks. Hopefully once everything is settled things will regain a semblance of normality (ie: regular, once-in-a-blue-moon-after-the-cow-jumped-over-it-and-hell's-frozen-over, kind of posts).



arcadia said...

komaan, wees deel van die revival van die blogsphere - die tyd is nou :-)

henno said...

In due time, in due time... :)

James said...

Zy ma se kind, you've had your time to settle. Whats going down? Are you gonna make a turn down south for some summer vibes? Bietjie skiembord by koelbaai met 'n quort vir support opi beach.

alet said...

nee goeiste, gaan jy nou amptelik nooit weer blog nie?

Kenny said...

hi, i found your expat interview post. i am, i guess, what you can call a viet kieu that just graduated from college looking to go work directly in saigon. i am considering teaching english and you mentioned that it is possible to get a job without a teaching certification - is this true? if so, who should i talk to about this? i have a lot of experience teaching though. please email me at knguyeniii@gmail.com. to other people read this blog, if you know this guy, can you tell him to contact me? thanks!

- kenny