Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Lantern Festival

I headed down to the Saigon Zoo last night to check out this lantern festival they have going at night (duh). Supposedly about 40 artists worked on the lanterns that are on display during January, depicting famous sights from around the world. It's only 35 000 vnd if you're in town and well worth a visit. Here are some of the pics I took.

Due to vast photographic talent and experience garnered through numerous shoots around the world for Discovery, NatGeo and the like, I have managed, in one stroke of Pulitzer Prize-winning genius, to capture the Sphinx, a Giza Pyramid, a herd of camels and the Eiffel Tower all in one photo

The Leaning Tower in Italy - this one at the Saigon Zoo plays a Dean Martin rendition of Mambo Italiano

The Taj Mahal

I'm not exactly sure what this is, I think it may be a Japanese water pagonda, if such a thing exists

The Easter Island figures got themselves mixed up in a spot of trouble, due to calling the minotaur's mother Zeus' biatch (and the fact that they can't actually run away or even move)

Elephants grazing in front of an Angkor Wat temple

Kong Kong: "Shiat, this ain't NY - I can see the Eiffel Tower from here!"

Pandas shagging in front of some Chinese monument on the Great Wall

Halong Bay looks more like a set from Pirates of the Zoo III

This is the Chichen Itza Mayan Temple in Mexico (note the illegal immigrants milling around)


loesil said...

BEAUTIFUL! Hoe groot is dié lanterns? Dit lyk massive!

henno said...

Thanks - die goed is HUGE! And they move and play music and sail around on the lake. Really weird. The guys who made them must have spent days rigging all of it.

Susan said...

rad pix henno! i especially like the one of the pandas shagging - go figure!

mullet said...

look at the pretty lights. I have a much more impressive on on my nightstand next to my bed though, its like a cylinder.

mullet said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Brian said...

Wow I didn't know about that!

I wish I had time to go there before I left...

well, I leave in 2 hours, but you know... it probably isn't open at 230 in the AM..

Bryan said...

Some impressive photography, I didnt know they government received permission to bring such historical monuments from overseas? how long before they have to return the tower to Paris? amazed by how quickly things can be transported in this day 'n age...saw the film Babel - properly amazing, shed tears towards the climax...for those of u in SA, make a point of checkin it when it comes out! enjoy..hey Henno, checking Razorlight live next week and then Wolfmother on 14 soon..

TNT said...

The picture of the "Japanese water pagoda" is actually the famed One Pillar Pagoda (Chua Mot Cot) in Hanoi.

henno said...

TNT: My bad! That's culturally and historically uncouth behaviour on my part. Thanks for clearing that up.

Brian with an I: Trot safe. Enjoy home dude and I'll be checkin your blog.

Bryan with an Y: It's not unheard of to cry after climax (some Oedipus complex thing), but I've never heard of anyone crying BEFORE...hmmm....heh

mullet said...

Ouch... You can't even start trying to think up a comeback for a burn like that. Haha

Chi said...

Brill shots, Henno! What a fantastic show for only USD2, bless the cheap Chinese lighting! But what a weird place to have it, bet this scares the hell out of the poor animals in the zoo, typical Vietnam! I didn't know this was on though I go pass the zoo everyday on my way back from work. Guess it shuts before 11pm when I leave work! Crazy, not have a single day off since I got back from Sydney yet, after all, 'life energy' is my name!

henno said...

Thanks Chi - yeah the zoo seems like a bit of a strange venue, doesn't it? Listen, you can't go on like that - you gotta get some time off before you burn out and run rampant through Saigon attacking people with a stapler. Lemme know if you manage that (time off, not the stapler rampage) and we go out for some VN Rhum hehehe

arcadia said...

beautiful. klink na 'n wonderlike experience.

thong said...

Man, those are some damn beautiful pictures Henno. Seriously though, why didn't you do some acid before going?

charvey said...

Hey that's pretty cool - I had no idea this was going on. Cultural and stuff - perfect date activity! How long is it going on?

henno said...

Haha! Thong - who says I didn't? I actually invented an acid mental image photo imager so that lantern show never really happened...outside of my mind.

Charvey: I think it might still be going on this week. Just drive by and take a look.

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