Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Okay, out of total vanity and curiosity, I put these two hit counter things on my blog. But wait, they're not your average hit counters, they're actually world maps showing you where the people that visit this humble online abode are. Why two? Well, the first one, ClustrMaps , has a cooler map, and its little red dots grow as more people from a certain region click on it. The second one, IP2Map, has a bonus feature which shows you exactly where the last 100 hits to your site are from.

Why am I telling you all this? Because there have been some hits from strange places and others which are sort of a given.

For example: On ClustrMaps there are two BIG red dots - Stellenbosch/Cape Town and Ho Chi Minh City (duh who those are from - me, my family, Loesil, Emmie and any other burgies from my home town). Then there's also a large one from England - which must be dedicated footy man Al Burg - I don't really know anyone else in England - except Christoff's brother but he was here with us until yesterday!
Ps: My next project is taking photos of all the propogandha

Now, some hits I'd like to guess about: Bloemfontein, South Africa: My guess is it's Michelle, 'cause once again I don't know anyone else there except my aunt and uncle (and my famous cousin Dewald, but he's moved up to Joburg now).

Johannusburg and Pretoria, South Africa: Natalie, Alet and all the other bored Media24 prisoners.

Lakeside Marblehead, Ohio: Don't know anyone there, but it sure is a beautiful name for a town.

Switzerland: Probably Manon.

Centreville, Virginia: Wow, that sounds like the place the Powerpuff Girls come from! Don't know any superheroes though, except Christoff who transforms into the infamous Brandman after a few Rum & Cokes.

Oconomowoc, Wisconsin: Interesting name, I bet it has something to do with Bryan's family and friends?

Barcelona, Cataluna: I don't know anyone there, except the two Spanish guys from Barca we met here the one night when we saw the guy get stabbed in downtown Saigon. I hazily remember giving them my email address...that was a fun night.

Hong Kong: I guess it's Shiraz, the Persian/Paki (;p) who used to work at VUS with me.

So if any of you people are from any of these places feel free to confirm or deny, and if you have any guesses yourself, feel free to comment!
PS: My latest prject is taking photos of all the outdoor "media (propaganda) in HCM City so look out for so of that soon.
PPS: Happy birthday Ruth :)


Emmie said...

ja daai i2b2 obi map is nogals 'n lekker speelding (
ek wetie of jy gecheck het nie, maar ekt ook ene).
dit bring sulke 1984-orwell-vibes oor as 'n mens dit so check...'they' are watching...

henno said...

Ja Obi Once Kanobie Map2B2 is 'n killer speelding - ek sal 'n bietjie gaan check watse weird plekke jy al hits van gekry het!

Emmie said...

my weirdste hit is een of ander nakkie van vietnam...weird huh?

Justin said...

Hizit Dude

You been good, sorry noyt been round for ages posting and stuff. But yeah site lookin cool with its new theme and kieff little additive - GLOBESEEKING device thingy.

Take it easy mate and seeeya sooon!

henno said...

Hey man, welcome back - if I get a hit that says Kuruman, or Mashonaland or something, I'll know it's you on a parachute drop somewhere or something! Check ya soon

alet said...

Ekke het pas weer die kolletjie van Pretoors (die dorpie bo in die noorde) groter gemaak. Jip en nou dat xmas terug is kan sy my help met die taak om ons kolletjie 'n kol te maak!

Brian said...

My name is Brian, not to be anal, but we "I" Brian's like to make sure our name is not spelled with the evil "y".

and I don't know anyone who lives in Oconomowoc, so I think they must have their mapping a bit off. That is about 100km away from my area.

henno said...

Sorry BrIan - my bad bunching you with the evil Y's of the world. There was another Wisconsin hit - Fond Du Lac - that maybe nearer to your area?

alet said...

hehe...the "evil y's"...as BrIan maar net geweet het hoeveel sin dit maak...

mullet said...

Haha, some people are so sensitive. I am a bit surprised that I am single-handedly increasing the size of your UK dot, but i think your counter flatters you a little. It says I visited your site 3times in five minutes yesterday, I'm not that bored. Haha. And who do you know in India? I see your influence is far reaching these day.

henno said...

Don't know anyone from India - in fact I don't even know any Indians except the manager at Ashoka Restaurant here in Saigon - they make killer curries btw.