Thursday, July 06, 2006

Vietnam 2014

I was speaking to one of the teachers about the state of football in Vietnam and we both agree that one day, maybe not in 2010, but some time in the future, Nam will be at the World Cup. There are two reasons, he says:

Firstly, there are 82 million people (or more) in the country - do the math - if tiny Trinidad & Tobago got it, then why not Nam?

Secondly, and in my opinion most pertinently, this country is football crazy. Every kid and his mother has a football. They play it on every available inch of space. Those that can't afford balls use badminton shuttle-cocks and play "keepy-uppies". At night, they sit huddled in their little houses, illuminated by the neon green glow emenating from the football fields on their TV screens. They can't count to ten properly but they can say "Ronaldinho" or "Rooney" with perfect pronunciation. Every boy plays it at school and some girls too. If you keep very still anywhere in the city wou will be able to hear the faint sound of "Celebrate the day" pumping from somewhere. It's simple - if you have this kind of passion, you will succeed sooner or later.

Oh and it seems most of the population, except those too young to remember, are cheering for Italia on Sunday - and with reason - the atrocities the French committed in this country won't soon be forgotten.

This is the sight that greets you at the Maximark - the big supermarket just down our street. My brother will be proud it's Omo-branded.


CAZ!!!!!! said...

Ek kannie he dat loserille die enigste chick wat ooit op hierdie ding boodskappers los. (or something along those lines!)

Hoe gan dit menno?

Hallo loserille!!!

So steering off the topic of the footie (Shock! GASP!)....

Guess who has to give a frikken 20 minute frikken presentation on her frikken (practically non-existent)masters progress to practically the entire faculty on tuesday?

Anyway, enough with the small talk.

Last night's game was crap. France defended well, but it was a boring game. Portugal were never there to put the ball home. Very frustrating. I was a nando's supporter, so now who am I supposed to support???

alet said...

Hey the Afrikaans...don't have a clue what you said though. ;)
I'm with you. Even though Portugal sucked they weer robbed with that stupid penalty!!

So Henno...wie gaan die World Cup dan nou wen?

CAZ!!!!!! said...

Hallo MULLETJIE!!!!!

hoe gaan dit!>>!>!!!?!?!?!

mullet said...

Henno bru, where'd you pick up ladies like these?
They all be mighty mad. Supporting portugal! Where does that come from, tsk tsk.
Good to see that the "fever" has gotten to the ladies though, hehe, "In the end, footie was the winner.".
Dit gaan goed caz!!!!!!, hoe gaan dit met jou? Bly om te hoor jy het n opinie oor die Wereld Beker, albeit slightly warped. Have to agree on the fact that it was a slightly unimpressive game on Wed, the azzuri and allemagne managed to put on a brilliant display, so nando's and les bleus had a lot to live up to. I am now 2cents lighter.