Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mid-Autumn Festival Play

Chu Cuoi and his wife Chi Hang at the Mid-Autumn Festival, or Trung-Thu

The traditional Unicorn Dancers associated with the festival (sorry the last one's quite blurry - didn't quite get the effect right).


mullet said...

Hey bru, nice pics, are they all blurry because to me, that dude you're calling Chu Cuoi, chilling with his wife, bears an uncanny resemblance to you.

loesil said...

Ek moes ook twee keer kyk en eers ná ek gesnap het dit is die play-foto's het ek besef hoekom Chu Cuoi op 'n druppel soos die Menno lyk.

En Mullet, die blurry foto's = art!

alet said...

Daai blurry enetjie op die derde foto lyk vir my weer skrikwekkend baie soos Ronald McDonald!

mullet said...

hehe, nice one alet. Loesil, every comment i make needs to be taken with a pinch of salt, I am a very sarcastic guy.